Bitterness in the mouth

Bitter Taste in the Mouth

What is bitterness in the mouth? Bitterness in the mouth refers to a bitter taste in the oral cavity – an abnormal phenomenon indicating digestive system disorders, biliary tract issues, or hormonal disturbances. It usually occurs suddenly and disappears within several days along with digestive system disturbances, and persistent bitterness in the mouth is an indication to consult a doctor.

Why should our bitter taste in the mouth be treated? Since an unpleasant taste in the oral cavity is a symptom of any disease, a comprehensive examination must be conducted; without it, the condition cannot be diagnosed.

Causes of Appearance
Bitterness occurs due to the impact of various factors. Signals are often sent when diseases develop such as:

  • Liver (fibrosis, hepatitis)
  • Digestive system (gastritis, duodenal ulcer, digestive disorders, bacterial disorders, giardiasis, intestinal adynamic obstruction, duodenitis)
  • Gallbladder and biliary tract (cholecystitis, biliary motility disorders, gallstones).

Bitterness in the mouth may appear in various ways, such as:

  • After consuming large amounts of food or certain foods – indicating bile reflux into the esophagus and biliary tract disturbances.
  • Bitter taste after taking medications indicates a disturbance in normal flora and the negative effect on the liver and destruction of beneficial bacteria.
  • After physical exercise – indicates liver disturbances.

Symptoms may appear at different times of the day, after physical exertion, and when indulging in harmful habits. Often, this symptom is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, dizziness, heaviness on the side and abdominal pain, white coating on the tongue, bloating, intestinal acidity and belching, and dry mouth. You should inform the doctor of the details of each symptom.

Which doctor treats bitterness in the mouth? Primarily, bitterness in the mouth is considered a symptom of digestive disorders, so at the first signs, an appointment should be made with a gastroenterologist.

Treatment Methods
The main treatments for bitterness in the mouth involve medication. An expert directs comprehensive treatment based on the results of tests and instrumental examinations. A gastroenterologist identifies one of three problems:

  • Liver function disorders. Medications that support “filters” function are prescribed.
  • Digestive system disorders. Medications affecting the digestive system are regulated.
  • Uncontrolled bile secretion. It is removed by medications affecting secretion levels, such as anticholinergics.

Rehabilitation and Lifestyle Restoration
In addition to taking medications, a gastroenterologist recommends reviewing the diet. Consumption of black bread, coffee, spicy seasonings, spices, smoked and spicy foods is prohibited. If bitterness persists for several days, you should adhere to the diet permanently. Additionally, it is recommended to drink at least 2.5 liters of pure water daily and consume a glass of water before each meal.