Stool Analysis Preparation

Stool Analysis Preparation

General Guidelines for Preparation and Collection:

  1. Collect stool after a natural bowel movement (urinate before collecting stool and wash hands).
  2. Use a general container with a screw-cap, equivalent to half a teaspoon or a cosmetic spoon, and attach a spoon-stick to the container’s lid. Collect from different parts of one stool, with a total not exceeding 1/3 of the container’s volume.
  3. For microbiological stool analyses, collect the sample only in a clean medical container with a screw-cap.
  4. Collect the sample under usual daily life conditions and dietary habits.
  5. Stop taking medications that affect secretion processes and bowel movement, as well as those that may interfere with the analysis (laxatives, enzymes, systemic stimulants, bismuth, and iron medications) 3-4 days before the analysis.
  6. In case of detecting hidden arsenic, exclude meats, fish, green vegetables, tomatoes, and medications containing metals (iron and copper) 3 days before the analysis.
  7. Avoid adding urine or genital secretions to the stool when collecting it in the container.
  8. Do not submit stool for analysis in cardboard boxes or sulfur packs.

Recommendations for Storing Stool at Home and Delivering it to the Laboratory:

  • It is preferable to deliver the sample to the laboratory immediately upon collection, or within 30-40 minutes of collection, provided it is kept in a medical container at a temperature of +2 to +4 degrees Celsius.

Swab for Pinworm Check:
Before the examination, obtain a special tube with a swab from the clinic.
This examination is conducted by taking a swab from the folds around the anal opening.
In the morning (before getting out of bed) and before performing hygiene procedures and going to the bathroom, move the swab in circular motions around the anal opening.
Place the swab in the special tube.
Deliver the sample to the procedure room within 3 hours of collection.